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Where Does Our Free Will Fit into the Plan of God?

What do you want to do today? When would you like to do it? Will you even try to accomplish it? All of these questions call out to your free will. July 29, 2012, Brother David Cook spoke about our free will. Each and every one of us is given a free will by God. It is how we respond to the questions above that tell us and everyone watching how your relationship is with God. “I’ll do what I want to do.” or “God is speaking to me this morning. I believe that He is wanting me to accomplish this today.” The first response is self-centered, the second is God-centered. It is our decision. Will we surrender to His will and do His work or will we “do what we want to do?” We welcome you to join us every Sunday morning at 10:30 here at True Vine Christian Fellowship. For more information and directions, please visit

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